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Hello, i have Intel chip set 845g graphics controller with inboard graphics adapter 64 MB. RAM1.72GB. Windows vista 32 bit. can i play grand theft auto 4 on that smoothly i mean. i can change the window anytime
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  1. No, and the CPU wouldn't be good enough either.
  2. 845G, that's P4, Celery stick socket isn't it?
  3. Yup, s478 territory. Hyperthreaded is possible, true dual core isn't. GTA4 loves cores, so not a chance it will run on that setup.

    Is GTA4 DX10 only? I can't remember. Either way it won't run well on the 845G. That's barely DX9 if I remember correctly.
  4. yes.. its DX9 ... i use a software that shades my graphic memory and um able to play.. many games.. that requires graphic cards. but....ahh the performence is low...
    Hey can anyone suggest me a quite good PC..
    I like alienware x58 but its too expensive,,,,,,....
  5. Its really up to the graphics card. My neighbor bought one a little over a year ago I think that had a 2180, 3GBs ram, 500GB harddrive and a PCIe 16x slot for graphics for about $700. (HP? Emachine? Bought it at best buy) Add in a 4670 and he'd be able to play games quite well for around $800.

    Around here we'll tell you to build it yourself. Think you can do that? Know of someone who can help?
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