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Best sound card, HDD and SSD

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May 11, 2010 6:13:00 PM

Hi guys,
Im planning a big update on my gaming PC. But I'll got stuff which I dont know which to choose...

1. Sound card
My on-board sound card is shocking, so I need a new one. Which one is better?
-Asus Xonar D1?
-Asus Xonar DX?
-Asus Xonar Essence STX?
-Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty Champion?

2. Hard-drive
Need a new hard drive too.... Looking for the fastest
-WD Caviar Black 1TB Sata 6 Gb/s?
-WD VelociRaptor 600GB Sata 6 Gb/s?

3. Soild Sate Drive
Used for installing OS, benchmarks
-Ocz Vertex 2
-Ocz Vertex Limited edition
-Corsair Force f100
-Intel X25-E
-Intel X25-M

*I've looked at some of the charts but still dont know which is better ot some charts are not up to date*


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May 11, 2010 6:40:32 PM

1. What is your speaker setup? By default, I recommend getting the cheapest.

2. Of course the new velociraptor is faster. But is it really worth that cost? Consider this: The old velociraptor is slower than the new WD Black. Also consider, what do you need the speed for? Unless there is something specific, it's not worth it.
Just read the next one. If you are getting an SSD, why the need for a fast hard drive?
Actually, my mistake. The old velociraptors are faster than the new WD Blacks, but not by much.

3. Western Digital Siliconedge. I have nothing to back up my preference though. Most people go with the intel and they seem to be, from the reviews, as fast or faster read but the write is lacking.

I don't have all the information you need, but I hope I gave you a start.
May 11, 2010 7:13:57 PM

We need to know your budget for the best suggestions. I assume, since you listed out the stuff, you can afford all.

[1] For gaming, the Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty Champion is the best bet.

If you are getting an SSD, why the need for a fast hard drive?

He's right. The SSD is sufficient to handle the OS, games &/or apps.
For a fast HDD, get the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB
Or 2 X Samsung Spinpoint F3 in RAID 0
Or then, if you can afford, 2 X 600 GB WD Velociraptors in RAID 0.

Need a new hard drive too.... Looking for the fastest
-WD Caviar Black 1TB Sata 6 Gb/s?
-WD VelociRaptor 600GB Sata 6 Gb/s?

If the option is only between these two, then the the Velociraptor definitely, for performance.

[3] for SSDs, I'd recommend you go through this:

I'd say the OCZ vertex 2 is the best bet.
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May 11, 2010 9:14:48 PM

How is the WD RE4 HDD compared to the WD Caviar Black?
a b Ĉ ASUS
May 11, 2010 9:33:41 PM

overclocker said:
How is the WD RE4 HDD compared to the WD Caviar Black?

As for the sound cards, the ASUS Xonar D1 and DX are basically the same except the fact that the DX has a pci-e 1X interface whereas the D1 has PCI interface.. The actual recommendation in this department will come once we know your speaker setup and listening preference..

May 11, 2010 10:06:19 PM

Hmm.. I'm using some Antec Lansing Speakers. They are 2.1 but for some reason, I can't find it in their website.. Maybe my model is too old..
Anyway, I might consider changing to some Logitch 5.1 if needed..
a b Ĉ ASUS
May 11, 2010 10:53:31 PM

Are you using the MX 5021 model..?? I too am using that only.. Believe me they don't require the STX type of sound cards.. If you listen to too much of music then consider upgrading to the Audioengine A5.. They are really good.. But if you are a heavy movie buff and gamer then surely get a good 5.1 setup with a heavy sub woofer..
May 11, 2010 11:26:44 PM

SSD- Intel X25-M 80GB, 'nough said.

HDD-Don't get a SATA III/6.0Gbps unless your mobo supports it. Even then NO (current) HARD DRIVE will ever saturate the SATA II bandwidth, SSD's can get close. My choice Seagate 7200.12 1TB (Or bigger) SATA II.

Sound-No clue! I use my onboard sound. Now speakers: Logitech Z-2300 (2.1) THX Certified Speaker system. Rated #1 (can't remember by who ;) )
May 12, 2010 6:31:49 AM

Right, thx for all the replys... However, there is one more problem:
Sometimes, when I game or go on the internet, I get this high pitch sound. I tried putting on headphones or just using speakers but it still doesnt go away. I'm using Ati HD 5970 x2 Crossfire. Do you think there is someway to remove the sound?
May 12, 2010 12:52:35 PM

Anyone can help answer last question?
a b Ĉ ASUS
May 25, 2010 4:40:41 AM

If that's an electrical spike noise then getting a dedicated sound card will help remove it by providing the necessary isolation.. In such case i'd recommend getting a sound card with dedicated power plug option such as the Asus Xonar Essence STX..