Do motherboards come with latest bios??

Hey Tomsharware members!,
I want to buy AsRock 970 extreme3 motherboard but it wont support the cpu out of the box (I dont think) i'm buying an amd fx 6300.
It needs an 1.60 update, will it come with its latest bios? This is my first build and i have no clue.

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  1. They don't always come with the newest BIOS no. I've had boards come to me with the original bios and they were almost two years old upon purchase. So the answer is "not always". So don't count on it having the update. Best idea is to contact the seller and see if they can tell you. If the board was manufactured after the BIOS release date; then probably it will. But you just don't know right off rip.
  2. adamyjake, That board has 1 of the most easiest ways to update the bios, But you will need another CPU to be able to boot into the bios, If you have a flash drive Stick the bios on that and then go to instant flash and pick the usb drive and let it do its thing. Also it should boot right up with the 6300, it might not have the name of the CPU, might say Unrecognized Processor.

    ASRock says the 6300 needs the P1.60 to use that 1, but as i said should recognize it just enough to update the bios if its say shipped with the P1.40
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