Worst i5 Ever?

Apparently, my i5 2500k can only handle 4GHz. When I try anything higher, it BSODs on IBT. Temperatures are fine. 70 and under in IBT. Any ideas?

i5 2500k + Hyper 212+ Push/Pull
Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3
1.3v (Coretemp registers as 1.35-1.37)
PLL 1.9v
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  1. Try lowering the PLL, that helped me immensely on mine. Mine's actually on it's lowest setting.
  2. Also, what's your LLC on?
  3. Everything else is on auto.

    Wow. You were right. Lowering PLL does help. Silly bit tech
  4. good then, if your cpu still BSODs on a long run of ibt/prime95, you might have to raise your llc to level 2-4. I had to raise mine to lvl 1, but avoid it if possible, lvl 1 llc can overvolt your CPU
  5. Still terribly disappointing. Can't even get 4.2GHz stable.

    4.13GHz is my max apparently.
  6. running the newest bios for the mb and is your ram set to xmp profile??
  7. Nvm. Best i5 ever. 4.5GHz at stock.
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