Patriot RAM Questions

Hey guys,
So I'm just wondering about the different types of Patriot Memory.

There's several different types so which are the better, and roughly what order would you put them in. I know the CAS and speeds are different on some of these links... im just asking about the series... not the actual latency for this. I just put these up there for examples.


Viper II:

Viper II "Sector 5":

Viper II "Sector 7":

G Series "Sector 5":

Gamer Series:

What is the difference between:
- "Viper" and "Viper II?"
- "Viper II 'Sector 5'" and "G Series 'Sector 5'?"
- "Viper II 'Sector 5'" and Viper II 'Sector 7'?" (I know the Sector 7 is sold in triple channel, but besides that, anything better than sector 5 about it?)
- What is Patriots top RAM series that if money were no issue I should buy it?
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