Gigabyte UD3H, SSD and Intel Smart Response Technology

i am building a new computer this week and a little confused by newegg reviews i read about the ISRT and using the gigabyte UD3H board and an SSD.

i bought a 60gb Agility 3 SSD, and i also have a 250gb 7,200rpm HDD that i will use as a backup. i have windows 7 on the 250gb drive now, so i will first format it so it is clean. then i plan to install a fresh copy of w7 on the SSD, with the HDD as a backup. is this is simple as turning on my new computer and booting from the win 7 CD and then installing on the SSD? i'm reading about this intel smart response technology and getting really confused. do i even need to use this feature, will it help me? thanks for any help.
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    Intel Smart Response Technology is used to give "SSD-like" performance to a hard drive with Windows installed on it by using a small (18-64GB) SSD as a cache drive.

    Since you will be installing Windows on your SSD Intel SRT doesn't apply to your situation.
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