Cooling recommended for 2400MHz?

I got a kit of G. Skill 2400MHz CL10 RAM (can't recall the rest of the timings off the top of my head). For this frequency, is cooling usually recommended? It's not like the RAM will get some blow off wind from the Corsair H80. I've read about others being fine with regards to this speed and same cooler situation, but haven't found much. Don't feel like finding out the hard way if you know what I mean :)
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  1. If you're worried, I'd mod a bracket system to toss something like an 80mm fan over top of them. That way you won't have much worry as they'll have more than ample cooling.
  2. Nah I'm not worried. Just never could find much about this speed and higher, so wanted to be safe is all. I saw a tighter timed Trident X set with fans, guess that's what got me thinking.

    Anyhow one of the sticks was causing BSODs and failing Memtest86+ within now I have to RMA it...[:pdxalex]
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