Looking for a Gaming Case with good dust control

When I get a little closer to the build date of my computer I'll post what I'm specifically looking for, but I've been researching cases for a while and want everyone's input on the case, if possible.

I've noticed that a couple cases out there offer washable removable dust filters, and dust has been the first and primary problem I've ever had with the computers I build. It eventually gunks up the cooling fans in the PSU, the vents in the case, the GPU, it coats all the equipment inside and then causes heat issues.

Short of making my room a hyperbaric chamber, I don't know how else to combat it than with good filters that I'd have to force myself to clean once a month or so.

So the end of all this is that I've found the -
Antec Nine Hundred and Two.

Are there better cases? Noise is a secondary concern since I don't need to be living in a wind tunnel and never use headphones ...

Primary concern: Dust buildup
Secondary concerns: Noise/Cooling

I don't ever overclock, all I do that taxes my system is game, and the computer's on if I'm at home and awake.

Thanks for the input in advance.
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  1. The HAF 922 is better. It's larger, features many of the same extras (specifically dust filters), and is usually cheaper.

    The HAF is ugly though, and the 902 is a good case (I'm using it right now).
  2. The CPU brand makes no difference.
  3. Well, if you get the HAF 932 Limited Edition AMD case, you might want to stick with an AMD CPU. If your friends are picky and actually inspect what you have inside the case, that is. :)
  4. Which the only difference is really the side window and one less fan for an extra $20.

    The only problem is that the HAF 932 doesn't have dust filters...
  5. MadAdmiral said:
    The CPU brand makes no difference.

    I was "HAF-kidding" . . .

  6. I'm thinking an i5 750 Intel chip, with a 5870 Radeon graphics card ...

    So I'll need the space for a card of that size.

    I see that the HAF case uses 200mm case fans which should be pretty quiet, but I don't see anything listed on Coolermaster's site about fan filters. And the fan filters on the Antec sound like you can take them out, clean them easily and replace them. I really don't want to have to be buying custom disposable air filters for the computer.

    One idea I've always toyed with is building a cabinet for the PC to live in, and just slap an industrial size/strength air filter on the side of the cabinet. Run all the cables out through a somewhat tight opening, and just don't access the computer very often. I almost never do anyway so that might work out. But that's 5+ years down the line for when I've got my own house.
  7. The HAF 922 has them too. Search for any reviews of it to double check. It's not something that's advertised, which always surprises me...


    Very few quality mid towers will have a problem fitting the 5870. It even fits in the Antec 300, which is a lot smaller. The HAF is a huge case. It's actually bigger than many full towers such as the Antec 1200.
  8. I am interested in identifying the case Digital Storm is showing in the big picture, at the top of this ad.

    Looks like they use HAFs too (see smaller pic, below.)

    "The open full tower looks pretty tight and serious"

    = Al =
  9. gratitude !

    = scrape =
  10. I really like the dedicated heat/air channel/baffle for the bott mounted PSU ...

    ... That was one of the main reasons I had eshewed the HAF (and ilk) ...

    I had always reasonned that 1) Heat Rises and 2) A top PSU (w/fan) would also help to evacuate heat from the "attic" of the sys. Borrom mount never made sense to me ... closer to the floor (dust) ... heat rising up over mobo(et. al.) ... harder to reach for hard-shut. But, at least w that baffle, the flow is directed & isolated.

    That Corsair is extremely sweet! Of course, this is a case of "You pay for what you get" ... too bad, so sad. Half the price and I would go4it .

    = Al =
  11. The bottom mounted PSU keeps the cables out of the way. Most cases will allow you to mount the PSU facing up or down. The bottom mounted PSU is actually better, as pretty much every high quality or newer case has this feature.
  12. And I was selecting "top mounted" only, for my personal power searches ....

    ... Live and learn.

    ... Gotta admit, since crashing this forum, I have learned more than I thout ... mostly how much I *don't* know. More has changed since the Northwood P4 than I would have expected.

    = Al =
  13. Thanks for all the information everyone. I'll try looking into bottom mounted PSU cases as well since I too subscribe to the Heat Rises school of thought ... and easy cable management is always a good thing.
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