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My current heatsink has been performing very badly, making my AMD Phenom II 940 running at stock core clock (3.0GHz) run at 50 to 65C while roaring like an african tiger where I can't even be in the same room with it on.

I have a mid sized tower cheap case,

I run this mobo:

I have a 750watt Cooler master power supply powering this processor and 2x 5770's in crossfire

My question is, what heatsink should I buy? I do not want to get a heatsink where I have to take out my motherboard. I just want a heatsink/fan that I can take out my current heatsink, apply some new thermal gel, and put the new one on.

Thanks in advance

(I prefer to order through TigerDirect or ZipZoomFly - NewEgg is "alright" I guess.)
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  1. I'm in the same boat with the stock heat-sink being very loud and just right down "weak" performance wise. My Phenom II 965 idles at about 40C and gets to 50's under load.

    I am also searching for a new heat-sink that doesn't require me to take out my motherboard. Someone suggested an "Alpine 64 Pro" by Arctic Cooling

    I emailed them yesterday to find out if it will be able to keep my Phenom II 965 CPU cool, but have not received a reply just yet.

    Worse comes to worse, If the above heat-sink is not suited for my CPU, I'll just buy one that requires me to take out my board.
  2. Well mrblazo, check out the Xigmatek's on newegg. I have been told by a couple people that they are fancy and taking it out is not required.. but looking at the comments on a couple of them it seems to be bs.
  3. That site exceeds my IQ.
  4. i was checking that same one out. some comments on newegg said that it mounts just like the stock heatsink. My only problem now, is that my motherboard has a northbridge heatsink very close to the CPU heatsink bracket. While the stock heatsink that came with my Phenom II 965 cpu fits, I'm not sure if this one will.
  5. Weird, you asked less than 30 seconds after I did...

  6. Ok so I bought this Xigmatek, I just installed it today. I must say that I think I will upgrade to a full tower case instead of my mid-tower case because it's soo tall that it literally touches the glass.

    It is a lot bigger than I expected.

    PS: It took no tools to install this. Simple and easy for AMD
  7. Hey, I bought the same heat-sink. It barely fit in my full tower case. I had to take the side fan off though in order to put the side panel back on. I do have an 180mm case fan in the back though so it should be all good.

    This thing is QUIET!!! After about 2 hours of playing Splinter Cell Conviction, the cpu temp. was in the mid 50's (53-55). Was pretty simple to install as well.
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