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Hi guys. dont know if put this one in the right category.

Put i have problems with my FPS in some games and i cant figure out what the problem is ?

In Counter-strike:source i can get down to 40 FPS when there are 5 ppl alive on the map.

In Battlefield Bad Company 2 i cant see the FPS but i can feel the lag.

in World of Warcraft i have fps down to 10 in Dalaran and i got all the settings on low.

Can you guys help me plz ?

This is my Spec:

Motherboard: Asus P5KC
CPU: Intel Q6600 2.4 Ghz
Graphic Card: Nvidia GTX260 896 MB
Ram: 4GB Kingston
PSU: Corsair HX750W
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  1. Have you updated your video drivers? Checked to make sure nothing is over heating?
  2. Check the temps of your gpu and cpu and do some research on it to see if its normal..or post them here, I had the same prob and it turned out to be the fan crapping out on my gpu heatsink, causing temps to hit over 100C, although in my case it was in ALL games. Good luck :D

    P.S. I highly doubt that its ur specs that is causing the problem but rather a technical problem with your hardware/software configuration ;)

    Edit: Use CoreTemp http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ to monitor CPU temp and

    RiviaTuner http://downloads.guru3d.com/RivaTuner-v2.09-download-163.html to monitor GPU temp
  3. Yea there is definitely a temp or driver issue here. There is no reason that your system cannot do better in games like WoW maxed out. I can still manage low to mid 20's or more in Dalaran with my E8190/HD3870 rig with max settings with the exception of shadows.
  4. i have tried to take some old drivers and some new drivers for the GPU and there was no different at all.

    ive just bought a new Cooler for my CPU and theres no poblems there to.

    cant figure out what driver there can cause my problem ?
  5. I could be shoddy memory-settings or a slow harddisk. It sounds like the system struggles when a lot of data needs to be proccesed, both your CPU and GPU are quite capable, even with old drivers.
  6. Usually when it happens to me, I look at CPU-Z.

    Look at the "Mainboard" tab, then at the Graphic Interface part, if it's less than 16x, then reseat the video card again.
  7. it may be the cpu bottlenecking, only 2.4ghz and i dont think wow uses all 4 cores
  8. Negative on CPU bottleneck. Counter strike source should run like a dream (150+FPS) on that system.

    I performed better than that with a 4400+ (amd 939 dual 2.2ish) and a 3870.

    Something is definitely wrong.
  9. Derbixrace said:
    it may be the cpu bottlenecking, only 2.4ghz and i dont think wow uses all 4 cores

    WoW does have multicore support but I am unsure right off how many it is designed to use. That said, he still should not be getting that lousy of a framerate with his setup in WoW. I have seen an old x2 3600+ with a 7600gt do better in dalaran than what he is getting. @ the OP: How long has it been since you installed windows? It might be time for a reformat.
  10. it is long time ago. but its not the problem i have try to reformat the harddrive and then try to install the drivers one by one and see if it was there the problem is. but with no luck at all.

    and i tried to change the CPU with a E8400 and the same problem was there..
    and i bought the GTX260 because my old was 9600GT and still the same problem :(
  11. Did you check to make sure all of your components were free of dust? Though even the 9600gt should have been able to tear through WoW.
  12. sorry i forgot to say that i had change the motherboard with a Gigabyte with no difference at all.

    I just cant see whats wrong ?
  13. Did you do the reformat before or after the motherboard change?
  14. I reformat so there was no software at all on the harddrive and then install all the drivers for the new motherboard :)
  15. What temperature is your gtx260 running at?

    If you're not sure download realtemp.
  16. 56 Celcuis in Source at full load,
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