Any way to fix random read/write errors?

I just purchased a stick of 2 GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 MHz RAM. Memtest86+ found almost 150 broken addresses in test #7 (random read/write IIRC). The company agreed to send me a new stick without me having to return it.

So since I still have the broken stick, is there any way to fix it? Disable the broken addresses or something?

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  1. ^No. Don't use it; it's not like a HDD/HHD/SSD {flash} where bad sectors are avoided - REMAPPING mark the sectors unusable.
  2. I don't think so. Since even Corsair themselves feel that RMA is not necessary, which leads to a conclusion of a non-repairable product. :(
  3. Not advisable. If you REALLY want to do something with it - you warp it in bacon - connect some alligator clips from a car battery to the ram stick and watch it cook bacon in about 2 seconds (then burn it in 3 :lol:).


    just sell it on eBay as-is for someone who wants to do the bacon experiment xD
  4. Haha. Thanks for the answer :) I'll just save the heat spreader and throw it away.
  5. Lol maybe make it into a keychain? (and wrap that in bacon xDD)
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