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Which one would be best for case fans, specifically the Define R4 since I am considering getting the Define R4. I want noise to a minimum (obviously) as well as high/descent air flow. I will be removing the top HDD cage if that matters. If I missed anything let me know.
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  1. Forgot to mention that I will be getting 2 for the intake, 1 for the bottom, 1 for the rear and maybe 1 for the top. Also, does a round frame 140mm work in the front?
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    I have all three , the P 12 and the F 12 move the most air , they are silent , the logiysis sf 120 is another good fan , silent as well .
  3. Out of the P 12 and F 12 which one would you recommend as intakes? I have decided to go with a P14 FLX for the bottom and back and possibly top.
  4. I use both as intake and or exhaust on different computers , not sure which moves more air , they both move plenty of air . I run the p at max rpm on my work comp and the f with PWM header on my media computer , it never gets stressed and silence is the most important factor ., not that the P is loud , even at full speed .
  5. After reading the Noctua Fan Club posts, the F12 seems like a solid choice for intakes because of filters, hdd cages, etc. So I think I'll get 2 F12s for the intake. I also read that the S12s are REALLY good for just moving air around, how quiet are these, and would you recommend them for exhaust? Sorry if this seems a bit repetitive.
  6. I just read about the new A series fans, going with those.
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  8. I got 2 NF-P12's which are damn silent and air flow is just incredible. Even though they are costly, recommended!
  9. Thanks!
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