Small problem with new graphic card

Hey got a problem here:(( think im in the right category, hoping for quick answers
as you see here the power cable ends with 2 ends 4pin plugged in the motherboard and 8pin i want in the graphic card and the 4pin part is plugged in the motherboard which makes the other end too short since it needs to reach

Just open the pictures so you see better

the graphic card is a hd 4890 looks like it needs two 6pin power cables but i read it needs 1, 6pin and a 8pin
my question is if i should get a lengthener if it exsists 8pin to 8pin or get a 8pin to 6pin and if the graphic card gets enough power if the cable is also connected to the motherboard

ok hope i was clear enough so people understood this :-)
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  1. welcome to the forum

    what is ur PSU + system specs, other than ur grafix card?
  2. You really need to know what psu im using? : ( is there another way to find out than taking it out? the paper thingy is on the top which obviously makes it hard to read inside the cabinet but im pretty sure its powerful enough ~500w or so

    system specs didnt know that was relevant but yeah sure:

    Motherboard: Micro-star MS-7253
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+
    Ram: 2GB
    +a wireless card
    2 harddrives
    running windows xp if that means anything
  3. ok! that SHOULD do :) the power requirments on ur 4890 is 500W while the whole system is running.

    The nex thing i need to know is the brand.

    If that passes you can go ahead and buy the extenders and its best u connect what ever needs to be connected. Underpowering ur card can fry ur chip...or starve it to death.

    heres wat i dug up on the card -

    *500 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended (600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)
  4. Its a Hiper psu, only 1 6pin but it has a 8pin you know so its just to get a 8pin to 6pin cable?
  5. btw its a black hiper psu, i googled a bit all the black psu's from hiper i saw was over 500w, think mine is the 530w one
  6. as long as u can accommodate two 6-pin cables to come out of ur PSU then ur fine (or watever pin type that ur grafix card needs) thus u'd need the power connector

    1x molex to 6-pin converter
    1x 8-pin to 6-pin converter

    if ur intending to get another HIGH end graphic card then i'd suggest option 1 as newer boards need an 8-pin connector. I see you can keep ur PSU for a considerably number of years...provided it doesnt blow up!... :D
  7. ur more than good with that PSU, there wont be any power issue :)
  8. Okey, thanks for help <3
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