What is debug code 99 for asrock x58 extreme

I have a code 99 on my ASRock x58 EXTreme motherboard...I am unable to find this code anywhere...

17-920..(not overclocked)
700w psu
8800GTX OC graphics card
6g corsair 1600 memmory
windows 7
all in a full haf 932 coolermaster case
h50 heatsink for cpu
I have temp sinsers that tell me everything is running cool

Any help would be great.....Thanks

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  1. See this older post from a user with the same issue: linky hurr~

    Apparently, code 99 is still "unknown" since it's not listen in the manual :P
  2. Thanks for your info...
  3. Sorry mate, i couldn't find any more info on the matter =P
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