Ssd upgrade from hdd for asus laptop k61ic-x2

Hi, I'm brand new to forums \o/

Pretty simple question:
Is this:

compatible with this:;subnav
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  1. First one is a broken link

    Second one is a broken link

    Please try again.

    EDIT: They will be compatible for the signals, as SATA is SATA. There may be a size or connector mismatch.
  2. site would not allow me to edit my post. :S
    Ok, again, WITH FEELING!

    Seagate Momentum XT 750GB,2817,2398337,00.asp

    compatible with this?
    Asus K61ic-x2 laptop

  3. The specs for the notebook say that it takes a 2.5" 9.5mm SATA drive.
    The specs for the drive say the same.

    I have no idea how easy / hard it is to get at the hard drive of that machine. On the other hand, changing from HDD to HDD you should be able to just clone your existing drive and boot from the new one.

    The manual has nothing on working with the hardware:
  4. It's pretty easy to get at the hard drive on a K61IC, I just replaced my original drive with a 500gb drive, needed a little more space. Take the battery cover off and the battery case out, there's a single screw holding the hard drive cover on in the battery compartment. Just take that screw out and pop the cover off. From there it's pretty straight forward - just take the screws holding the drive caddy in out and pull it free.
  5. thanks guys... gonna give it a go this coming weekend... in the meantime I have to locate the disk migration software.
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