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I have an Abit SE6 motherboard. The Power supply went bad on it. It was a Premier PS-PR-ATX-300V. Both the motherboard and power supply used a 20 Pin connector.

I purchased a replacement power supply. I choose a Athena Power AP-P4ATX35 350W. I thought this would work since it has a 20+4pin connector.

I plug in just the 20 pin connector part of it to the motherboard.

I power up the motherboard. And now I get no video out? This board has onboard video. I also do not get video out of my Video Card (Asus AGP-V7100).

So I started to take ever card and ribbon cable off of the board. Right now I have nothing hooked up to it except the power on switch and the LED's. I still get no video.

Did I choose the wrong power supply?

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  1. What are the rest of your specs?

    Have you tried EVERYTHING in the "READ before posting about boot problems" sticky (link in my signature)? If not, go there and do EVERY step. DO NOT SKIP any of them, each one has a point. After doing ALL steps, come back with any changes and results.

    On to my guess to what's causing the problem. It's entirely possible that the POS PSU you used the first time destroyed your board when it died. It doesn't help that you bought another POS unit either. Do you have another build that you can test parts with?
  2. I dont have any extra parts to test. I know the old PSU toasted, as it started smoking. I was just hoping that it did not do any other damage to the other components.

    I should be able to get video with just Motherboard, PowerSupply, and CPU?

    Motherboard is Abit SE6 v2.0.
    New PSU is a Athena Power AP-P4ATX35 350W.
    CPU is a P3 866 that been socketed forever.

    So I connect these three parts in the ATX box. I plug in the PSU. I get a red light on the MoBo. When I hit the power button, CPU fan starts to run. I get no video out on my monitor.
  3. I believe you'll need at least RAM installed to get video from a board with onboard graphics.

    Consult your manual for what a red light on the board means. I bet it's saying that RAM wasn't found.
  4. That's right. You won't get any output without RAM installed.
  5. I have two sticks of Corsair PC-133. I have tried using one sitck in each slot, and I have tried it with both sticks in and I still get no video out.

    The red light has always been on since day 1. It just shows that the MoBo is receiving power. I have downloaded the user manual, and it never mentions the light in in other that saying that is is labeled D16. Then it never says was D16 does.
  6. make sure the monitor cable is plugged in securely. If you have another cable, use it and try again. The video should be showing....make sure every connector on the mobo is tight. Remove the video card. Also do you have the 20+4 connector? If you do, attach the 4 extra and see what happens
  7. It is common to toast something else when a PSU goes.
    A high quality CPU often has quick-blow fuses to protect the motherboard.

    You are essentially in the zone of replacing components. If you have NOTHING on the screen it's quite possible your motherboard is fried.

    Your PSU is setup correctly. It probably has enough power.

    I think it is most likely that your motherboard fried. The EXACT same thing happened to me. I smelled burning and turned off my PC. Inside my PSU were scorch marks. Both my motherboard AND my audio card were dead too.
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