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Hello, Looking for a reason why my Wireless G happens to be a hundred times slower than my Wired, or Wireless A

I have a 14mbps Cable connection, and download speeds range about 50kb/s on Wireless G, but the same download would be 1,6MB/s.

Speedtest.net also sees a Major difference,

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I have a WRT610N By Linksys/Cisco
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  1. How is your signal strength? Also, you might try using net stumbler (make sure to follow it's instructions to keep from inadvertently connecting to someone else's network) to check what channels your neighbors are using, and thus to find one clear of interference. Remember that wireless a uses a totally different band than b/g/n, so it will not suffer from the same interference.
  2. that's what i was thinking, but I wasn't sure.

    Yeah, The A is on the 5Ghz Band.

    However, signal strength appears to be the same.
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