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Hello, i have a newly built core i3 machine with a h55 gagbyte mb and it does not recognize the processor under the hardware devices menu. I am getting yellow ?s. No driver loaded. I tried to load the gagabyte drivers and that did not help.
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  1. Did you install the Intel Chipset Drivers aka INF Update Utility after loading your OS? If not, apply Windows Updates to get your OS up to the latest SP then install the INF Update Utility:
  2. I reloaded an old version of XP to start with then updated two or three times after reboots each time, to SP3. I did not do the INF Update.
  3. Let me know if the INF update does the trick.
  4. No that didn't seem to do it. Let me back up a little. Under device manager, unknown devices, details, i am seeing: ACPI\Genuineintel_-_x86_Family_6_Model_37\_0 and then the exact same thing for three other devices ending in \_1,\_2, and \_3. Is that my processor it can't identify? I don't see a processor anywhere on the list. Sorry, obviously my 1st time at this.
  5. Can you give us a screenshot?
  6. Does your motherboard properly identify the processor?
  7. Having trouble posting a screen shot but yes the mb does seem to recognize it.
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