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Recently I have added 8gb of ddr3 to my computer. What would happen is after the computer boots and loads unto windows, about 1 minutes after the desktop shows up, it would freeze and not move or restart. Here are my computer specs:

Computer manufacturer/model: ASUS CG5290
Motherboard: asus rampage ii gene variant mATX
PSU: Rosewill 950w
GPU: Dual HD5770 crossfire
Processor: i7 OC @ 3.8
Operating system: vista home premium 64bit
RAM: GeIL Evo ONE 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10660) 9-9-9-24 1.5v

What was added: GeIL Value PLUS 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10660) 9-9-9-24 1.5v

Ok so those are the specs, when I added JUST the new ram, both sticks it loaded fine and everything was working.... But I didn't let it sit to see if it froze.

So than I added both the new ones and the old ones to the motherboard, it would read 8gb on windows welcome screen, but on CPU-Z it read 12gb out of the 16gb installed.

My guess is that one of the RAM was faulty. So after a few minutes of thinking, I put the ram in this sequence.
I have 6 slots for ram and my motherboard supports up to 24gb. The ram slots goes like this, "black slot, blue slot, black, blue, black, blue.

I put it in like this: Old ram, new ram, old ram, new ram, open slot, open slot.

So thecomputer loaded fine and windows welcome screen showed 16gb, and CPU-Z showed all 4 slots running 4gb totaling to 16gb.

After about 20 minutes of getting owned in Starcraft 2 my computer froze for 30 seconds, than resumed.... Weird. Afterwards I played fallout new vegas for 10 minutes and the computer completely froze out.

Besides trying to figure out why my computer is freezing, I was wondering also if it matters where you put in the sticks of ram in the slots. Another sequence I did with the ram installation was: old, old, new, open slot, new, open slot. So the new ram were installed in the black slots only.

The only reason I brought that up is because it made my computer load so fast, everything was literraly twice as fast, until the comp froze.

The while time the computer was at it's default values.
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  1. You may have a voltage or timing issue with the ram. Try to locate your ram specs off the label or at You can try setting the timings manually in your motherboard bios. Also be sure you installed the ram in the correct slots for dual channel mode. Your board runs best in tripple channel mode with 3 or 6 slots filled. But most boards will run in dual channel if the 4 correct slots are used. Your board manual will give you the best option for 4 sticks. I wouldn't mix brands or different types of ram, such as single sided with dual side sticks.
  2. Thank you for the fast response.

    Here are the links to the RAM that were purchased:

    The above is the one that I have been using.

    This one is the more recent and is cause the issues.

    Now I have set the timing the same on the bios, but not the voltage - but I figure the bios would do it automatically. When i did the computer wouldnt boot with the timing set to 9-9-9-24. I will try the voltage tonight. The ram seems to be the same specs, so that is why I chose to purchase the Value Plus. They are both dual channel so I will have to look up what slots are best used to run 2 dual channel ram.

    I think they are both dual sided.
  3. Try this: Old - empty - old - empty - new - empty. This will set your motherboard to run triple-channel, 12GB (more than enough for anything).

    If this is not stable, replace the "new" with the other "new", and see if that is stable. If neither is stable, you might have a bad board. If one is stable but not the other, you might have 1 bad stick. If you can still return it for a replacement, I would. If you can return it for a refund, I might just do that and buy a single stick (with the same specs), you'd still have 12GB and you'd be running tripple-channel which will be faster than the dual-channel you were running.

    If you get something that "looks" stable (either 3-sticks or 4), download memtest86+ and let it run overnight. Hopefully it won't freeze up on you and won't report any errors.
  4. That looks like a really good idea, I will try It out with triple channel tonight. I'm pretty sure one of the newer rams is defective. I will test each of the new ones out and do the ram sequence as you stated.

    Thanks you, I will do a update on this tomorrow.
  5. Tried it out, Wouldn't even boot to bios. Guess I'll have to RMA the ram. I'll switch to windows 7 first and try it out again. Ive read where vista operating systems supports certain amounts of RAM per edition. Thx for the help guys!
  6. Hi, yea i have the same problem too i have got a asus IV formula motherboard. I tried to put 8gb of ram in to my computer to boost it up to 16gb but then it freezes 3mins after boot up. I know the ram is fine because i got it straight out of my alienware X51.
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