Setting up Hard Drives

I have new build on the go and was wondering the best set up for my drives.

I have these drives which are all Sata:-

500GB - which will be partitioned to 100GB-400GB with the OS(Windows 7) installed on the 100GB
640GB - Storage partitioned into 6 parts
640GB - Storage, no partition

My Motherboard has 4 Sata ports(image below):-
Sata 2_0
Sata 2_1
Sata 2_2
Sata 2_3

In which order should i connect these so they can be shown in BIOS in orderr and with the OS drive booting first?

Many Thanks
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  1. It shouldn't matter as long as you specify the correct boot order in the BIOS, usually DVD-RW first, then the 500GB HDD.
  2. The Boot order option in BIOS allows you to select which type of device will boot first, not which HDD to boot first.
    In "Advanced BIOS Features" select "Hard Disk Boot Priority" and move the HDD you would like to boot from to the top of the list. Save settings and exit.
  3. I should point out that the Advanced BIOS Features are part of the BIOS. They are not separate. [:fisshy:2]
  4. Ok thanks for the replies :)
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