NZXT Phantom + OC CPU Cooling

I'm dead-set on getting the NZXT Phantom full tower case with ASRock asrock z77 extreme6 mobo, i7 3770k processor. I'm also planning on doing a moderate-heavy overclock in the future. I originally planned on getting the Corsair H100 to cool it.

I was going to set it up as demonstrated here:

Basically, have the 2x200mm on top of the case pulling air out, and the 2x120mm H100 fans pushing air out with the radiator in between.

Now it's almost time to order all my parts for this new build and I'm starting to have doubts. Will this be a good setup? I've read people having trouble fitting certain RAM under the unit. If I got the low-profile Corsair Vengeance LP I might not have an issue. Then I'm reading that the H100 isn't that great; that there have been issues of pump failure, and it only has a shelf-life of 3-years. Is this true? Is venting air from inside the case through the radiator even a good idea?

Anyway, I'm getting last minute jitters. Should I even get the H100? What are good alternatives? Like I said, I'm planning on over-clocking the 3770k, moderately-heavily. If the H100 isn't the answer, what is?

I'm really trying to order all my parts either today or tomorrow, I could really use some help on this.
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  1. If you can afford about 30 to 50 dollars more an actual water cooling loop would be a whole lot better than the h100, plus you can expand open loops to make them even better. Just something to think about.

    I run a 360mm rad with five fans in the top of my full tower phantom and all is great!
  2. Here is a real kit to start with and could be added to if needed.

    The Raystorm CPU block in this kit is very good.
  3. That is the kit i started with, well to be honest I started with the last revision of it. But they're nearly identical.

    I was thinking that the 240mm would be more in the op's price range and does actually fit the case better.

    To mount a 360mm rad in the top of the phantom you either have to drill your own holes or use the center fan to support the rad (which is what I did). Pictures in the member system gallery page 61 about half way down.

    Pic's here:
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