Big Troubles

I've been having real troubles...

My computer wont recognize my hard disks anymore ! At the boot up screen, I used to have my raid-0 information and all was fine but after bunch of blue screens, it started acting weirdly. Now, it does not boot anymore and seems like my hard disk have failed to load anything.

I would like to recover the most from it as I don't care to format and re-install but that's the problem, when I load from a Win7 DVD, it doesn't go any further than the loading of the DVD information and stays at Microsoft Corporation screen with moving green lines from loading I guess...

What do you think I can do ?? Can I try them on a no-raid computer to see if information is still there ? At least to format and re-install from my computer ? Or if my hard drives are KO :(

Please help !
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  1. OK this is what you do in bios put it to AHCI or IDE then get a Linux Live Disk and load Linux then see if you can recover any info the drives might be dead or they just might need a fresh format but try using a Linux live disk to see if you can access the hard drives that way.
  2. Try going into the boot menu and then selecting the drive you want to boot from. If not, then backup your data, reformat your drives, and reinstall the OS. Worth a shot. Good luck!
  3. Linux Live discs are a good idea, I tried that with my Ubuntu disc a good few times to recover and delete windows folders that windows wont let you delete. Handy bit of software. But the moving green lines? That makes it sound like there is some faulty hardware in there. Try the Linux boot and see if it recognises your hard drive, if you dont fancy going into your bios, download ubuntu and use that to boot up and check your hard drives if the info is still there, then just attach an external hard drive and copy what you need and format the discs
  4. RAID was KO, at least I had time to recover the most of my stuff but never will I put data on a RAID-0. My friend who helped me with the RAID should have warned me from the risk instead of telling me how much more performance I would get!

    Anyways, now I know how to proceed thanks for your help all.
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