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Pre-info, this is my power supply: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817256054

I am currently installing a new water cooling system into my PC, everything is going well and everything fits, but I had a question about doing a dry run. It's been recommended to me to cycle the water through my system to remove all of the air bubbles, but in order to do this you will need to turn your machine on/off running only the pump. My power supply however, does not have an on/off switch on the back of it, so while I know how to make only the pump run, I don't know how to do that if my PS doesn't have that switch.

That being said, would it be safe to turn on my entire PC when filling/running my reservoir the first time? I am 90% sure everything fits tightly and wont leak, but there is always that chance something will. And if it's highly recommended I don't turn everything on without a cycling the water first, should I go through the process of ordering a new power supply just for this?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. http://www.corsair.com/en/blog/testing-your-corsair-power-supply

    all power supplies will turn on with this trick. they didn't show the wires, but its a green wire with any black wire.

    unhook everything that could short out if it leaks, video card, mb extra power.

    hdds and fans should be fine unless there is a fitting close to them.
  2. It worked! Thanks for finding the info, no leaks, but I am running into other problems I will post in a new thread (since it's a different issue)
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