How do i install my new ssd?

this is actually a new rig. so i will be turning it on for the first time with the ssd as the primary OS hard drive. i've heard i should keep the secondary 7,200rpm HDD unplugged at first, as soon as win 7 begins installing select AHCI mode, and then just proceed normally from there. do i have this all correct? what about RAID mode, do i need to do that? i want to make sure i get it right. thanks.
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  1. You can and should install all components completely first.
    1. Enter Bios at first turn on.
    2. Enter section that refers to storage configuration (all manufactures use slightly differnet descriptions)
    3. Enter section that allows you to set SATA configuration to IDE/SATA/RAID and select SATA/AHCI.
    4. RAID is an acronym for redunendent array of independent disks. Basically tow are more physical drives that act as a single logical drive. Used for protection of data and/or increased troughput of data.
    5. Start install, WIN& will prompt you for which disk to install on, select your SSD and let the fun begin.
  2. i read this

    in step ten it notes that for sata 3 hard drives you need a driver. i am using a sata 3 hdd and have a disk that came with my mobo, however the disk is supposed to run from a gui when your already booted into windows, then it tells you what drivers you need, how will i know where on the cd and which one i will need if i can only explore the cd which has 1000's of drivers on it? and know which one i need for my hdd?
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