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I bought and am formatting two new Sumsung 2TB drives in my Thermaltake dual slot dock via USB2.0 and they are at 68 percent after 19 hours. Is this unusual? I am doing a complete format rather than a quick format.
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  1. 19 hours for 68% seems a bit long, but it is 4TB over USB2.0, so as long as it is progressing then you are winning.
  2. Yes. Its up to 74 percent now
  3. 22 hours 23mins and 50 seconds for 4TB over USB 2.0 at 10% overhead.
  4. Good to know it's not unusual. Nearing 24 hours and 78 percent. I kick myself for spacing and not using the esata cable. grrrrrr.
  5. I wasn't going to say anything about eSATA because I didn't want you to feel bad about wasting time.

    Also from what I understand, there is nothing wrong with doing a quick format to those new drives instead of a full format. Plenty of people swear that it is in fact better. I have not yet formed an opinion on that.

  6. I used quick format on my first pair of Samsung 2TB drives and they have performed just fine. I read that a full format is better. Wish I had just did a QF on the new pair so that I could use them.
    Thanks for being nice and not saying why in the world use USB2.0. :)
  7. Format complete! Both drivesare healthy. 29 hours later.
  8. I did a quick calculation and came up with 26.6 hours. I was close.
  9. Can someone please guide me here....

    How do i check the Results/Report of a Full Format ?

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