Asus p6t mobo ruined me :(

hello,, brothers..
Am having core i7 930
6gb ddr 3 kingston
Nvidia gtx 480
Corsair tx 950w

i have accidently bent my couple of pins of my mobo,, now dont knw wht to do,, i sent to warranty claimer they completely rejected as theres no warranty for this physical damage :(

The mobo is working flawlessly,, the problem is when i insert my last module,, to complete 6gb,, my system just start to malfunction, windows dont run at all,, system sometimes doesnt give display,, it hangs and etc,,

Although i was having 8 months warranty left but there is no use,,

Now i want to no that if luckly i put the pins back to their orignal position,, will my issue will get solved??

What is the procedure to straight them?? I was using a blade firstly then i used a pin,, and was using a magnifying glass for clear view, but dont knw tht whether i have done it properly or not,, what are tips,,
Plz help me i am very very tensed :(


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  1. If you have 3 x 2 gig ram modules, just use the other slots...
  2. 1) Read your motherboard manual carefully. There is a specific set of slots to use with 3 sticks. On my P6T deluxe, they are slots a1, b1, c1. These are not the closest slots to the cpu like you may think. If I recall correctly, these are the orange slots.
    2) If you properly straighten out the pins, all should be OK. Be careful, and don't force anything.
    3) Download and run memtest86+. Test out each stick individually, and all at once. If you have an error, perhaps you have a bad stick.
    4) Is your ram on the QVL supported list? Or, is it listed as a supported stick by the ram vendor? If not, you are on your own.
  3. r-sky said:
    If you have 3 x 2 gig ram modules, just use the other slots...

    Wont work on the P6T.
  4. i have tried mem...
    Well when i purchased the rams i have used it on my mobo for 1 day,, and after it,, tht accident took place,,which ruined me,, after tht mobo is making problem,, although i have done it straightning the pins but dont knw tht have i done it correctly or not :( if anyone can post me the pic by which i can match..the socket pins
  5. Which damaged pins are you talking about?
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