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Hey Guys,

I just need some advice please!! I am about to upgrade my system and cannot decide which would be the best option to take? My current set up is a Q9300 core 2 quad at stock, an X48 motherboard 4gb DDR2 Ram a 9800GX2 1GB and a 1000w PSU.

The problem I have is decideing whether or not to simply upgrade the GPU in favour of a new ATI 58XX series card or as a good friend of mine suggests go for the option of a newer board DDR3 triple channel memory and either a core i7 920 etc. He seems to think that the GPU's of today are simply too powerful for my cureent setup to handle etc? Is this the case? As I want to be able to run the likes of Crysis etc at the highest settings. I have been told by some other tech minded people that my current setup is ample and that a high end ATI card would be the no brainer option?

I also realise that the upcoming release of Nvidia's DX11 cards will (HOPEFULLY) help reduce the price of the GTX series, and as my friend pointed out, I would see a difference in performance from the new CPU etc, and then to just bide my time and buy a better GPU in the future?!

I just want to take the best option and run with it, as I don't get the oppertunity to upgrade that often and would be grateful for anyones advice please!!! :pt1cable:
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  1. Asking that question here at this (or any other) moment in time will get you the same response, get a 5 series card.
  2. This is fully dependent on you. If you bought the new setup, when would you be able to upgrade your GPU? If it is under a year than I recommend getting a new CPU and motherboard, ect.

    I also do not recommend the i7 920 unless you utilize professional apps that benefit from Triple channel memory. It would be best to save some money and get a Phenom II based system or an i5 750 or X3440 if you want hyperthreading, based system. In gaming and most apps they will perform the same as the i7 920.

    If you don't plan to upgrade until after a year I would recommend buying 2 5770s as they outperform or equal a 5870 for a good $100 less, and you X48 board should be crossfire capable. If not then the 5870 is a good card. Also, if you plan to crossfire later then a single 5870 would be a good choice as 2 5870s would outperform 4 5770s because of scaling issues.
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