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The problem is recently I installed windows 7 on to my computer, all went well except that when ever there is lots of traffic flowing from my computer, EVERYTHING slows down.

Stuff like streaming videos, downloading torrents, and HOSTING online game all cause massive delay that will distort sound so that its plays in slow motion that comes in little pieces, also my mouse movement will jump from place to place.

But browsing websites and downloading using FTP or playing online games don't seem to have any adverse effects at all.

I have windows XP on dual boot and it works fine all the time so it cant be that my hardware somehow broke.

I have tried installing the vista drivers that came with the motherboard but it did not seem to help.

M2N 1394 / nForce 430 MCP Chipset.

Thanks alot in advance.
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    Check your IRQs and see what is being shared. I would guess your nic and soundcard are using the same irq possibly along with something else. Try uninstalling one and see if picks a different irq.
  2. Thanks,
    I went up and checked out my IRQ on device manager, nothing seem to overlap except a few things.

    (PCI) 0x00000014 (20) High Definition Audio Controller
    (PCI) 0x00000014 (20) NIVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller
    (PCI) 0x00000015 (21) NIVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller
    (PCI) 0x00000015 (21) Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller

    I tried searching on google but I couldn't seem to find what
    "NIVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller" is.

    It seems to be the harddrive but when my harddrive is working near limit it dont seem to cause problems.
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