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I've recently decided to run RealTemp, Speedfan, Evertest (all displaying the same temp) and I'm concerned with the temp of my CPU cores. About half a year ago, idle temps would be around ~40, but now idle temps are as follows
Core 0: 47
Core 1: 45
Core 2: 43
Core 3: 47
Cpu: 38
Core: 37

The individual core temps are even worse in game (such as L4D2)
where core 0-3 reach 79. (whereas before, it only went up to a max 69).

(Note, I barely know the difference between core 0-3, core, and Cpu)

I'm using stock cooling and I've reapplied thermal paste a few times using AC mx-2, and I've made sure the pop pins and the whole thing is seated properly.

I also checked up on my mobo's site (asus p5qe) and I found BIOS updates , of which included Enhance CPU compatibility with certain Yorkfield C1 stepping CPUs.) So I don't know if this would help me (nor do I know how to update my BIOS)

Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?
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  1. Are the fins of the fan clean as well as the airways of your case? Also since you are using stock cooling, it is possible that the push pins are a bit worn now and not seating as well as they used to since you have said that you have reapplied thermal paste a few times.
  2. To add to logain too much thermal paste can cause poor temps too so make sure you apply as thin and as even as possible or go to the manufactures website to see how they say to apply it. Case ventalation and ambient temps will affect your temps alot too. The stock Intel heatsinks are horrible IMO I never used one for more than a day because they just suck IMO. The bios update will do nothing to improve temps.

    You could also see what the Vcore is set at when on auto I find that it puts the volts a tad higher than needed and the lower the voltage the lower the temps.
  3. hey guys, I'd like to thank you for your advice. I cleaned out the HSF and I think the idle temps when down a few. (All idle)
    Core 0: 43
    Core 1: 43
    Core 2: 39
    Core 3: 44
    Cpu: 33
    Core: 37

    But for some reason all my temp detecting programs do not display an ambient temp. o.o

    Also, how often would you recommend cleaing dust from your pc.

    Core voltage is currently at : 1.112 V (idle) I checked the BIOS and you can play around with it (but I didn't in case I mess something up)

    And an additional question. If I wish to purchase a new HSF for my q9450, which one do you recommend. (MOBO: P5Q-E9 it was weird heat pipes around cpu, don't know if that is a concern) and my budget is <$30. Thanks
  4. Also, try running something CPU intensive in the background and re-checking your volts.

    Ah those temps after cleaning look much better.

    What are your new temps under load?

    I find myself cleaning up dust every few weeks. It helps to keep a clean and vacuumed room.

    You can drop your vcore (CPU voltage) in BIOS and the worse that can happen is your system won't boot and you'll have to clear the CMOS. This will greatly reduce heat and power consumption.

    If you do this however make sure you get Prime95 for test stability with your new voltages.
  5. Hmm, under 30-46% load, (COH windowed)
    Core 0: 54
    Core 1: 51
    Core 2: 51
    Core 3: 56
    core voltage: 1.192

    Last time I ran Prime95 (from realtemp and before cleaning, about halfway done through heat up process, the cpu was up to 75c., and I dont know if I should still run Prime95 after cleaning it).
    Also, if I were to drop my vcore voltage, how much should I drop it by.

    My case is Antec900 and I plan on adding a 120mm intake fan (on the side panel) and maybe hopefully this will cool down the cpu and gpu a bit.
  6. We usually use Prime 95 to judge our current 'load' temps.

    If you get over 72c during Prime95 its safe to say you have a heat issue. :)

    I think with the new temps you're showing you'll be well under 65c in Prime95.

    I'd start with just a single increment drop in voltage, check results and run a Prime95 for a bit. You can stop after 1 or 2 increments or continue downclocking until you're unstable (BSOD/restarts/prime95 fail). You really can't hurt anything by undervolting, have you cleared a CMOS before?

    What does BIOS say your vcore is at?
  7. I should re-phrase my previous post.
    My cpu was NOT 75+c, the individual cores(0-3) were around 75+ (I stopped the prime95 test before anything may have happened, and I suppose I'm to run the Small FFT test?)
    Don't know if that makes a difference (as I don't know the specifics behind cpu vs core vs cores 0-3

    I'll post the info from BIOS once I restart

    Okay, reported by BIOS
    Cpu: 37c
    Mobo: 26c
    Vcore: 1.200 V
  8. I usually run large to stress ram as well but you can probably get away with small, yes.

    I wouldn't exceed 72c on either CPU/Core.
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