1 SSD and 2 Sata II Hard drives in ACHI only????

Hi all, been awhile since last visit to forum. Have been having problems with 1 of my hard drive but all sorted now *touchwood*. I'm running an Intel SSD and 2 Sata II hard drives and chosen ACHI in bios. Please could someone confirm that I have chosen the correct settings in Bios (Asus Rampage II Extreme). The SSD is in Port 1, 500gb in Port 3 and 1TB in port 5. Are these settings OK?? :heink:

I've just ran HD Tune and get the following results

Hitach 1TB

Minimum - 53.4 MB/s
Maximum 108.2 MB/s
Average 86.7 MB/s
Access time - 13.8 ms
Burst rate - 182.6 MB/s
Cpu usage - 2.4%

Hitachi 500GB

Minimum - 49.5 MB/s
Maximum 91.0 MB/s
Average 78.4 MB/s
Access time - 18.9ms
Burst rate - 151.3 MB/s
Cpu usage - 1.6%

Please could someone just confirm everything is ok. Thankyou in advance
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  1. Reasonable. The Hitachi is a bit slow if it's a new drive; if you have had it for two years or so it's about reasonable. Is that an old, or old-model, drive?
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. The 1tb model number is HDT721010SLA360
    The 500gb model number is HDP725050GLA360
  3. AHCI is what you want.
    Everything else looks good.
  4. I agree with above, the drives have smooth speed transitions and the access times seem to be nice and close together(as opposed to all over).

    Looks good.

    The smaller drive is slower most likely due to a lack of PMR technology(and maybe even less platters). The more you can cram onto a platter the faster the sequential reads/writes(dont test writes since it needs an empty drive i think) will be.
  5. Thanks guys. Can rest assured now lol.
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