Antec Nine Hundred

is it to load with all the fans and is there a better choice and maybe cheeper
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  1. I'm a bit confused? If you are asking whether the fans come already installed, yes they do. The 902 is actually almost the same price right now...
  2. t-dog said:
    is it to load with all the fans and is there a better choice and maybe cheeper

    no i was wondering if the ynits fans are really load or what is a better case
  3. Oh, loud. No, they have adjustable speeds - low, medium, and high, and they are not very loud at all. It is a good case as is the 902.
  4. but the 902 you can't turn down the fans can you
  5. Yes, they are adjustable in the 902 as well.
  6. I just bought a 902, not built it up yet but the build quality is great for the price, my mate has a 900, dont remember it being too load. Currently I have a Thermaltake Soprano thats four years old, now thats loud but for £50 and its still going strong you cant argue
  7. Hi t-dog,

    As jbakerlent have mentioned already, the fans on the Antec 900 are adjustable (L, M, H).

    We are actually have the Antec 902 on sale on newegg for $90 after rebate which is a very good price for a Antec 902. Antec 902 is like a small version of an Antec 1200 which is also an upgraded version of Antec 900. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the Antec nine hundred.

  8. I have three 900's. I did some testing on the first one with an OC'd Q6600 in it.

    Very quiet with all the fans set on Low. It's pretty noisy with the fans on Med. On High, it sounds like a freakin' vacuum cleaner sitting on the desk.

    Fortunately, it's so efficient at moving air through itself that setting the fans to Med or High did not improve cooling.
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