2 26 GHz vs 2 13 GHz

I'm considering a Sony Vaio laptop. Primarily I edit manuscripts for small and educational presses. I use photoshop for photos I submit to magazines with my own work. I also play Farmville, but no other gaming at this time.

Is there a big difference between the i3 2.26 GHz and the 2.13 GHz for my purposes? I generally keep my systems for several years, so would it be worth it to spend the extra cash for the i5, which is only 2.26 GHz?

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    I'm supposing you're talking about the Core i3 330M 2.13GHz and Core i5 430M 2.26GHz. You might as well get the Core i5, because even though there is only a 133MHz speed difference between the two processors at stock, the i5 430M has a max Turbo Boost frequency which means the speed is boosted to 2.53GHz when needed. This means that there will be a 399MHz speed difference, and would be noticeable, and help make this computer last longer when the programs that you use may eventually use all the power that the i5 430M provides.
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