Gigabyte P35 D3SL best CPU?

Since I have to fix some stuff on my system, I'm thinking about upgrading my CPU. Currently the motherboard has a E4500 processor that I'm overclocking a wee bit. I do some gaming and photo retouching mostly. Any suggestions on a good processor for this aging motherboard?
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  1. If the board is correct, I believe this is a list of CPUs that would be compatible with your board.
  2. Thanks, but it's actually a P35 and not an EP35. Your link helped me find the correct CPU page however.
    Here's the link for my mobo:

    Now, any suggestions on a good pick for gaming and photo processing? :)
  3. Personally, I would go with the Core™ 2 Extreme QX9650. Just make sure your bios version is at least F2. You can probably get a good deal on those CPUs now. For a while it used to be intel's flagship processor.
  4. I'm pretty sure I'm up to F8 on my BIOS. I'll check out that CPU. Can I just drop in that processor without changing anything else on my motherboard? That would help a lot.

    Wow, I just checked and that processor is still $329 on Newegg.
  5. @OP: Depending on the software you run, you will most certainly benefit from a quad. You should be able to find a Q6600,etc on Ebay for <$100. I would NOT spend more than $150-200 as you can spend a little more and get a AM3 CPU. There is no point in spending money on a dead socket. DO NOT buy the QX9650.

    If you have not OCed this yet. OC it. Here is the guide I wrote a while back: for that exact board.

    I see that you have a small OC. What heatsink are you using?
  7. Shadow is probably right. No need to spend much on that old board. You can still go down the list of compatible CPUs and find a faster (than your old CPU) one that's a more economical. But then again, a QX9650 would make your comp fly like it never has.

    I would look at CPU and mother board bundles too. Now you can get really good deals on new CPU/Board combos that cost less than the QX9650 alone. AMD and Intel.
  8. Agree with Shadow, do not buy the 95xx or 96xx. A used quad for $100-120 will be fine. Much more then that and your better off getting new equipment.
  9. Warpspasm said:

    You should have no problem hitting 2.6-3.1Ghz on that cooler on the E4500. Like I said, you are better off getting something like a Q6600 and OCing that to 3Ghz or more if you feel that the OC is not enough.
  10. Here is a list of CPU's and Bios that will run on your board. Personally I wouldnt look at anything other that Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad. If you dont have rev. 2.0 you can find rev. 1.0 there too.

    Also here is a nice OC'n article that goes well with Shadow's Guide.,1720.html
  11. The more I think about it, the more I think I'll just bump up the OC on this processor. If I get where I need more power after that, I'll just do a new build. I just got it where CPU-Z says it's at 1498.5 Since this is a Core 2 Duo, that means I'm running about 3 Ghz, right?
  12. No. It probably means you have Steedstep turned on and the CPU multiplier is at 6.
  13. Don't know what Steedstep is, but CPU-Z does say the multiplier is at 6. So, what's this telling me?
  14. ^ This means you have SpeedStep on. Read the manual on how to turn it off. It should be something like EIST in the BIOS.
  15. Found it and disabled it. Is that a good thing?

    How good of a job does the EasyTune6 application do at overclocking. I'm not talking about extreme overclocking here. But it sure would make things easier if it worked. I see two different ways to overclock using it. One is the Tuner and the other is Smart.
  16. DO NOT use EasyTune. It is just too unstable causing BSODs,etc imo.

    Found it and disabled it. Is that a good thing?

    Dosen't really matter. Your CPU will now probably run a bit hotter at idle speeds. But now you will ALWAYS run at one speed.

    ALWAYS OC via BIOS. See my guide above.
  17. ^+1000 agree with Shadow703793

    Overclocking should be done through the BIOS. At most a program like EasyTune should only be used to do some little final tweaking once the "major" overclocking has been confirmed stable through the appropriate testing.
  18. I've never really done a lot of OCing. When I have, its always been in the bios. If you want a very mild OC then a software app might be ok. I know some like to use it to OC the CPU before loading a game. Gets them a few extra MHz before loading without having to reboot. I wouldn't do any 24/7 OCing with one.
  19. Well, at this point it doesn't matter much. I can't my PC to post. There's a running thread in the Motherboard board regarding this if you care to chime in. Wait this IS the motherboard board! I can't figure the darn thing out. Just switched the power supply, but that wasn't it.
  20. I thought it was running and you just disabled Speedstep? Perhaps you changed something else in the bios? Reset the bios and see if that helps.
  21. It was running. The problem is intermittent (but getting worse). Check out my other thread in the motherboard forum.
  22. ^Link?
  23. Oops!

    Here's a link to my thread asking for help with a new build. I think I may go that route now.
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