Budget $1000-ish... desktop pc and photo/video editing

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: in about 2-4 weeks, but can start buying parts anytime really
BUDGET RANGE: $500-1500 just don't want to waste money or miss out on important features
DECISION: Build one (which I have done in the past) or just buy one off the shelf...

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: creating dvd slideshows(would like to do HD video in the future) is the most demanding thing I do. No games. (need to decide on new software too since I hate Windows Moviemaker and Photoshow that I have been using for years. Any suggestions for this would be great too. Maybe if I really enjoy the process, I might try CS4 or similar in the future but don't want to spend that kind of money for now(maybe $50-$150? for now) ... otherwise, email, web, office stuff.

I will need everything except a keyboard and mouse including a nice 21"-24" monitor (eyesight is going fast) and considering to add another one in the future to have a matched set so need video to support it.

I have been waiting for Windows 7 to come out to upgrade my old WinXP (T2400 @1.83ghz) laptop. The waiting for the movies to compile/render and write to the DVD drives me crazy for the 30-40 minutes waiting for each copy!!! Auuugghh!

I don't have a preference for brands, vendors, etc... just the best for my money without wasting.

I have read and saved a bunch of threads for 3 days to use as a reference but none match what I want(that I have found)...

Thanks everyone!
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  1. i've been working on a build for intense photoshopping... mine is for gaming as well so you could probably scale back on the video card a bit. i also saw people mentioning a card specifically for encoding hd video that reportedly helps a whole hell of a lot in that stuff, so look into that! can't give you the details but i saw it mentioend in a few other good threads about similar builds..
  2. Great, just read yours... you're right it is similar to what I am needing. I will compare your build to the others I was checking and see if I can come up with a winner. thanks
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