Recommended memory, CAS? and speed for 1333 mb and i7 920 processor

I am building a new system, but need the finishing touches. I want to purchase the memory today, but I am confused about CAS and speed. I want fast and stable memory.. I doubt I would overclock though. My system will consist of

Q: what do you think of build

Q: memory choice with a little explanation please?

P6X58D premium mobo

i7 920 processor

XFX 5850 graphics card

750 watt PC power and cooling Silencer power supply, DVD, SATA HD and Lian-Li case all from previous system.
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    The build looks good, that is a great motherboard + processor combo, you should consider overclocking, that CPU overclocks very nicely. As far as the RAM goes, you didn't put a price limit so I am assuming it isn't a huge issue. That motherboard supports tripple channel RAM so you want triple channel to take full advantage. 6GB will be enough for almost any applications so here I would suggest:

    G.SKILL PI Series

    It is fast and mid-line expesive.
  2. ^+1... The G.SKILL PI Series would be my recommended RAM, as well.
  3. Thank you for the recommendation on the memory guys. I will follow the advise.
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