Slot 2 is always hardware reserved

Ive read a bunch of posts but it sems like i have a unique problem with the "hardware reserved memory bare with me because i dont know a lot of the technical stuff but...i have a toshiba l655d s5050 laptop with AMD athlon II. It has wondows 7 64 originally came with 3gb of ram and when i would check the ram usage in resource monitor it would show only 961mb of usable memory..the rest was hardware reserved. so them i decided to buy more of the same ram which is DDR3 so-dimm 204 pin 1066mhz pc3 8500 ram..i ended uo buying a g. skill 4gb mem stick..i put it into the slow where the 2gb stick was and moved to the 2gb stick to where the one GB stick was and then i have 4GB hardware reserved...after playing around with the memory sticks for a couple minutes..turning the computer on and off i realuized that whichever stick was in the second slot was hardware reserved...the computer is working fine now because i have the 4gb in the "good slot" and i have the 1gb stick in the "hardware reserved slot" and the 2gb stick is just sitting on my desk because i find it pointless to have it in the computer if it is going to do nothing...i am going to sell it if i cant find a way to get this other slot to not make the memory hardware reserved but i saw that i lot of people had similar problems and got it fixed.
i dont have the memory remapping feature in my BIOS. Ive already played with the max memory box in msconfig. Ive already updated my BIOS. I read..and was told by numerous people that my setup should support a total of 8gb of memory...I would like to utilize my other memory slot so PLEASE..any other help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
I have not had any problems with the memory being BOOT problems...just cant use the memory in the second slot...regardless what memory stick is used it comes up at HARDWARE RESERVED.
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  1. i have:
    Toshiba satellite L655D-S5050
    windows 7 home premium 64 bit (6.1, build 7600)
    BIOS: InsydeH20 version 1.70
    AMD athlon II P320 dual core processor 2.1 GHz
  2. any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!! Thanks
  3. anyone? help!!!!! here is a link to another post..i accidently made this one and it was cut off half way through..

    i have some info about the system from CPU-Z that someone helped me with in this other thread..

    any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED~!!!!!!!!!!
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