How to direct boot pen drive without setting in bios

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  1. press f11 or f8 many times
    at bios data
    then window will pop up giving you the boot devices
  2. If your bios doesn't know how to boot from USB, it's not magically going to know how, and if it does know how to boot from USB, then you need to set it higher in the boot priority list. Any way you look at it, the bios has to know what the boot device is.
  3. my computer bios is locked by defualt code that is company code so i am failed to entering in bios???????????????so i can't boot os pen drive without setting in bios?????? :non:
  4. If your IT guys disabled USB boot in the bios and put a bios password in place, then there is nothing you can do other than ask IT to unlock it.
  5. omigupta said:
    :hello: harrry here: not in windows it want boot from a usb unless it done in lenxe :)
  6. by mistake i am disable all user and administrator accounts in windows xp how to enable it???
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