Chieftec APS-1000

Hello. On my hunt for a new power supply, I've stumbled upon this unit cheaply. I can't find any reviews on it though, nor is there any technical info present on chieftec's main homepage. I did find another homepage with the info though.

What are the opinions? Is this unit good enough? It's 4 seperate 12v rails, not a singlerail unit, but it seems to have plenty amperage to be okay anyway? And it's standard size - unlike most of the alternatives...

Edit: 80plus report :
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  1. seems like an ok psu but i dont konow ive never used that brand but it LOOKS like a quality unit...
    but dont judge a psu by its (shiny) cover!
  2. I used to have a chieftec psu once ... as it came with the chieftec dragon chassis. But I parted with the system 6 years ago, so have no idea where the psu went.
    Anyway, in the meantime I've found a coolermaster 1kw unit with just a single 12v rail for roughly the same money.
    I'll get one of those.
  3. 1. WHY do you need a 1kW PSU??!?!?

    2. DO NOT ever go cheap on the PSU.

    3. The 80+ Cert doesn't list the temps the unit was tested in.

    4. Get a quality 1kW like a Corsair 1000HX if you actually do need a 1kW PSU.

    5. Specs?
  4. Specs are in my profile.
    And well I choose a coolermaster 1kw psu - ordered a few hours ago.
    It sports a single 80A 12v rail, and looks very nice - it even has ssi support.

    Anyway, nothing bad about corsair, but since the broken one is a corsair, I don't feel like replacing it with another of those. I'll still use em for cheap builds though, just not for highend stuff.
  5. ^ Ummm what? Sorry but Corsair has consistently ranked as some of the best PSUs. Check out the load testing,etc over at Like everything, you probably got a bad unit. RMA it.

    CM 1000W Review:
    The power supply simply could not sustain it's maximum output, even with the case wide open sucking in 25°C ambient air.

    Assuming that's the 1kW you got, its not much better.

    Corsair 1000W Review:

    I'm not sure I can say enough good things about this unit. The numbers speak for themselves - the HX1000 did simply an amazing job keeping the voltages in spec, and doing it with efficiency results that rival the best I've ever seen. If there is one thing I can nitpick about it's the ripple results I got on test five's 12V readings, but I have to say that these readings are offset somewhat by, oh I don't know, throwing down full power at a temperature ten degrees hotter than promised. A point comes off though for NOT USING THREADLOCKER on the small heatsink screws.
  6. are you kidding me? corsair is epic!
    look at this:
    well what i have heard is that the psu in the video was a raidmax...but yeah cm psus arent that get the point i think. return it and get a corsair. or just pretend its a 700w psu and so dont expect more than 700w with it!
  7. I got the coolermaster psu last week. It has no problem delivering power whatsoever. But I'm not exactly thrilled either. Last tuesday I made a ticket with coolermaster support, for which I have yet to receive any reply.
    Basicly the psu is noisy. It's not as bad as the OCZ 700W I used in my parents system, but it's still not near silent. It has this constant ticking noise from the fan - appearently at any speed.
  8. yeah see there u go u got aone with a dud fan. maybve if u woulda gone with a corsair u wouldnt have had any fan problems and ended up with a nice extremely quiet high quality psu that corsair makes!!!
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