AMD FX 4100 1 Core drops out running prime 95

Hey guys, i am overclocking a AMD fx 4100. My temps are good and low, they are under 50 degrees. But after running it at 4.5 ghz for 5 minutes, one of my cores drop out. I dont want to increase the voltage anymore but if i have to i will. my original voltage is 1.3875, i tried 4.5 ghz at 1.4000, but i got a blue screen because i needed more power, so i bumped it up 1 notch to 1.4125 and i didn't get a blue screen. After 5 min of testing 1 core dropped out and the rest were fine. Any suggestions?????
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  1. At 1.45v my fx-4100 freeze after 1 hour prime95 test. Clocked @ 4.4ghz. Cant lower it down. Now running at 4ghz at auto.

    You can try +0.1v to stock volt like me. Must keep the temp under 50c and run prime95 for 6/7hrs to make sure it is stable. Then post what happen to you.
  2. Another bump up in voltage would be the first thing to try. If you haven't already, set up manual fan curves to help with the temp control. I always stick with 55C max temp.
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