New mobo wont read sata HDD.

Hey. Today I got my new mobo, a ASUS M4A89GTD PRO. I installed everything and started it up to see if it would post. What I got was a screen sayin something to the extent of "Please select a proper boot drive or insert a boot cd and press a key". That is not word for word but ya. So i went to the bios thinking that the boot order was wrong but instead what I found was my hard drive was not even listed as one of the sata devices. My hard drive is a sata one btw. so I turning off the comp, moving the sata plug around to different sata slots and restarting, but it will not see it at all, and because of that I cant boot or reinstall windows because windows needs a storage device to do so. Is there a possible fix to this or perhaps is my mobo bad and I need to return it for another? Thanks.
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  1. BTW, I tried pluggin the hdd into my dell board that I was upgrading from and it booted no problem, that is how I am online at the moment.
  2. Dont mean to keep replyin to my own thread, but I read that perhaps my sata controller is disabled in my bios or something. This a possibility?
  3. It IS a possibility. Have you checked your motherboard's manual on the matter? Sometimes hard drives setting enable or disable the drive for particular usage: and seeing as how your previous board was a Dell that might be why.

    What options do you have under your Asus's Bios settings for your hard drive?
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    Make certain, that you have the HDD installed in the correct SATA1 port {blue-closets to CPU and bottom closest to MOBO itself}.

    Next, in the BIOS "Load Default" / Save & Exit.

    If it fails then go into the BIOS change boot order to CD/DVD as "first" + HDD as "second" insert the Windows CD/DVD - Save & Exit BIOS, and boot. Press F8 and run Windows repair.

    Verify that you installed ALL drivers; don't move the HDD around -> Device Manager changes the Drivers when the HDD is removed and the {SB850 SATA 6.0 Gb/s} gets uninstalled.

    Also, if that fails - clear CMOS and repeat the F8 procedure.
  5. Eh...I am a dumbass. The molex that it was plugged into came out somehow, that is why it was not being read. Plugged it in and its good to go. Thanks anyways.
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  7. Yeah, that'll help just a little, but thankfully it was something SIMPLE.

    You're now an Official member of the "Oops Club" I have my plaque on the wall.
  8. ^ "Ooops Club" oie! :lol: xD
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