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Hey guys,

I have recently purchased a sony vaio VPCSE2DGX/B, and i was thinking of replacing the HDD with an SSD, just to open it up and find out that the connection isnt actually a port with pins, and that its a thin conductive thing that just attaches to the HDD, im wondering whether i can replace the optical drive and place the SSD in there, except i dont know if its compatible or not. I took out the optical drive and looked at the port but its still doesnt look like its compatible with the SSD is there some sort of connector or something like that , that will enable me to connect the SSD to it or am i just out of luck and have to live with the HDD ?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    That's a SATA connector you have there. All SSD drives are SATA so you wont have any problem swapping it for an SSD.
  2. so its 100%possible?, i know they are both sata but just not sure how they would connect like what sort of 2.5 inch tray do i buy and where from. sorry never installed a ssd in the place of my optical drive .
  3. No tray needed, there should be some kind of braket holding the drive in place. If you open your laptop drive cover, you will see how it is held in place. All you do is remove the braket (or whatever is holding it) and use the same one on your SSD.
    Its very easy, should only take a few minutes. I have done it on my work laptop with a 1.8" drive, there was absolutely no problem fitting it.
    Besides, I'm sure Sony sells the same model with an SSD option.
  4. I realized that i can actually disconnect the HDD from the bay and put an SSD in its place. the cable wasn't standard cable, it looked like it was stuck on, but because my laptop is thin they used different cabling i don't know what its called but its really thin almost like paper thin cable, i got told that it isn't stuck on and that i can disconnect it and put a SSD in. I tried and it worked ! thanks for your help.
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