First ever build - i7 920

So I decided to get things rolling and document my progress through my first ever build, not to mention my new rig since my one from like 2002 just died and it was going to be more of a hassle to get her working again for shoddy performance.

soo... some stuff from the egg came in today... maybe half of what i ordered..
ill post those pics later but first i want to show you guys this.

sorry for the link hope its ok to post it
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  1. Seems like the build isn't off to a good start based on the pictures :(
  2. lol wow that's awful man!

    how the hell did that happen?
  3. they got me with the scam attack.. i was defenseless..
    im off for the night.. be back tomorrow
  4. So i guess ill start my build progress soon.. everything is in from egg save the cpu.. assembly and picture time i suppose... i also think i need a sata data and power cable so im off to the store.
  5. so i started to build a bit... you can see it here

    if you want to respond please feel free to do it in here and not in there.

    thanks guys looking forward to hearing from you all
  6. When I first saw those pics a few days ago I didn't put the pieces together in my mind that it wasn't the genuine article - what was especially puzzling was the blank booklet. It was actually the only thing I noticed that was off - I think I deserve a dunce's hat for that. I've since read a few things about the fake i7s. Someone commented on a news story about it that it looked exactly like a demo unit he saw.
    Anyway, I believe that is the HAF 922 you are using.
    The OEM drive will only need a sata cable to connect it to the motherboard and a 4pin peripheral power connector that will come from the PSU. Usually motherboards come with at least two sata cables.
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