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:bounce: So I updated my bios to AO3 and now when I boot from usb it just goes to Windows.I'm using a Dell Inspiron 537st.
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    Well? What have you got on the USB?
    If it's windows, then it will go to windows.......
    Did you change the boot device order to boot from the USB first?
  2. +1 to alyoshka
    When you update your BIOS it gos to default config all changes are lost. Just change the boot order.
  3. I did change the boot order and it didn't work, and the flash drive has Ubuntu on it, and when I try to boot from a removable disk it just reads what I have connected to the USB solt and not the built in card reader.
  4. That means the boot sector on the USB stick hasn't or isn't in the correct place......
    You need to recreate the USB boot disc..... that means go thru the procedure of creating a bootable flash disc again.....
    I hope you have a few USB sticks lying around, 'cos when I got to doing my first USB boot, they were a big pain in the neck.......
  5. I updated my BIOs in Windows and I can't boot from a USB. :sol:
  6. My preference is {BIOS Booting} - it's the 'cleanest' way:
    Separate: HDD{SSD} w/1 OS + BIOS Profiles ; each BIOS Profile changes 'Boot Order'

    To boot from Windows -> BIOS Boot Priority -> 1 = ODD ; 2 = HDD {Windows}
    To boot from Ubuntu -> BIOS Boot Priority -> 1 = ODD ; 2 = USB {Ubuntu}

    The 'Flashing' just changed the Boot Priority; unless you also messed around with the 'boot.ini' file.
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