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Hello,i just installed windows 7 32 bit but i cant change my screen resolution from 640 x 480
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  1. Not trying to be funny but do you mean you know how but it wont or what.
    Which ways have you tried it ?
    Have you tried in properties or just right clicked the screen, do you have the correct drivers installed for your GPU ?

  2. Install A Proper Graphics Driver
  3. I just tried by right clicking and choosing screen resolution im not too sure about the drivers installed for my GPU.
  4. Where would i go to install a proper graphics driver, or what is the name of it?
  5. Do you know what the name of your graphics card is? if not then download GPUZ and it will tell you.
  6. Sorry i took so long paperfox but i downloaded GPUZ and the in name columns it says Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.
  7. If you turn windows update on it should pretty quickly figure out what you need and install it... it might take a restart or two but it would be the simplest way.

    This guy has the same problem as you.

    Nothing will help. Get a new Gpu right away!
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