Nw build motherboard/memory advice

I am building an i5 750 system
Main uses; internet, word processing, photo editing (photoshop CS4), occasional game. Will get a dell U2410.
Not interested in dual graphic cards. I would like usb 3.0 SATA 6 for future use (although right now it would be pretty much useless). I am interested in Asus or Gigabyte motherboard and G.skill memory. Which MOB?

Asus P7P55D
P7P55D Pro
P7P55D-E Pro or other??

I don't want to sepnd more than I need to for feature I won't use. Is a ATI radeon HD4670 good enough?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. Built in Wireless would be nice too but I imagine I'd have to go to the more expensive MOB for that?
  2. Here is what I have in mind:

    intel i5 750 CPU
    Asus or Gigabyte MOB - Can't decide which.
    G.Skill 4GB ripjaw DDR3 1333
    Sapphire Radeon HD4670
    OCZ fatal1ty? 525W PSU (on sale)
    Antec three hundred case
    Samsung spinpoint F3 500GB OR WD caviar Blue 640GB

    Dell U2410 IPS monitor
  3. It looks my only replies are my own. Maybe I can solve my own problem!
  4. Why did you select only those?

    I would pick this one.


    I would also look at the HD 5770 or HD 5850 depending on your monitor resolution.

    As well as take the Spinpoint it is a better drive.
  5. Why did you select only those?

    I would pick this one.


    I would also look at the HD 5770 or HD 5850 depending on your monitor resolution."

    I selected Asus because I had no problems with my last Asus board.
    Do you have this Gigabyte Board?
    Also the radeon 5770 is more money than I wanted to spend. My monitor resolution will be 1900x 1200. Isnt the HD4670 good enough??
  6. As far as the 4670 goes most likely not. However I am not sure what games you play. Also at 1900X1200 the 5770 will struggle at max settings.


    Sorry forgot to answer the Mobo question. Yes I have a Gigabyte board as well as a few of my friends. I love mine and have not heard them complain about anything either.
  7. Thanks

    I am not interested in playing games but watching movies and photo editing.
  8. Which Gigabyte MOB do you have?
  9. Best answer
    I am using a AMD 955 black so it obviously wont work for your set up but. Here ya go.


    If you follow this you will get better build options. Doesnt sound like you really need an I5-750. People around here could save you some cash and still build a really nice machine.
  10. Thank You. It looks like a good MOB but the AMD processor seems to be just as expensive as the intel CPU
  11. I like the the sound of "saving cash" I had not even considered an AMD CPU!

    Is there a AMD processor thats similar to intels i5 750 and cheaper?
  12. I'm familiar with Intel CPUSs but I don't know anything about AMD CPU.
  13. Best answer selected by lfforte.
  14. If you plan to oc get the 955 black. If not get the 965 black. The 965 is pretty much the same chip as the 965 , the 965 is just factory oc'ed slightly.
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