AMD FX-4100 Voltage/Speed problem

Hey guys, i am overclocking my cpu (AMD FX- 4100) to 4.5 ghz, or im trying too. When i run Prime 95 1 core drops out, so i figure i need more power. When i put my voltage to 1.4250 instead of 1.4215, my cpu speed drops to 3.3 ghz. No matter what i set the multiplier to, if the voltage is on 1.4250, my cpu speed always drops down to 3.3 ghz. PLEASE comment if you have any solution or idea of what the problem could be it is very much appreciated
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  1. please help
  2. How is your bios set up, or what are you using to overclock?

    Did you disable turbo and Cool N Quiet to prevent throttling?

    What are your temps like? What cpu cooler are you using? What motherboard are you using?

    Does your bios have a CPU VID you can set to 1.4125 and a CPU voltage setting you can change to 1.475?
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