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Help Me Build This System Pleeeeeze!

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March 5, 2010 12:47:05 AM

I am looking to build a new system that will be used mainly for DVD playback as well as editing VOB files and format conversions since I like to do alot of splicing with VOB movie files that will involve encoding. I am trying to find a balance of great performance without going over $1000, I'd much rather spend less but It looks like thats the area this is going to fall under without sacrificing too much on performance. My goal is to buy these parts over the next couple months so I dont go broke too fast. Any help and advice is appreciated and welcomed as I am a mid-level computer user.


Main Use of System: VOB editing and Home Theater. I need HDMI outputs

Price Range: $800-$1000

Country: USA Website to order parts from:

OS: Mostly Linux, but I use Windows for WinDVD and DVDFab programs. I cant find linux programs that are as effective.

I've gone through newegg and put some parts that I think would be able to get the job done. Im not biased to a manufacturing type, but Intel seems to be supported more for Linux.

Full Tower and PSU - $250

MOBO - $190

Memory - $104

CPU - Is the extra $80 worth it?? Will I see a difference in performance that will justify the extra money?
$200 - i5
$280 - i7

Graphics Card - I cant seem to find one thats suitable for my needs. I need HMDI, but would like to have dual DVI outputs.

I will be using 9 HDD's - (5)2TB WD Caviar Green, (4)1TB WD Caviar Green. which I already have.

If you know of any better products I would like your input.

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March 5, 2010 3:31:49 AM

^ Yes the i7 860 is definitely worth it IMO for your usage...
And as for your usage, I dont see the need for SLI/ Crossfire, am sure you can skimp on the mobo and surely on the PSU and CASE...

Here are some suggestions...
Mobo - IMO this would suffice...
Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3

RAM - This is better and cheaper...


Video card -
XFX HD 5750 -Though its an overkill for your needs, but this has the required outputs...
But I dont think you can use the 2 DVI ports and the HDMI port all together though...
March 5, 2010 3:57:15 AM

I did compare the antec 900 to the 1200 as far as cases go. and since I already have (4) 2TB drives almost full, Im going to need the 9 slots the Antec 1200 provides since I dont want to be faced with buying another case anytime soon. I'm filling up the drives at a ridiculous rate and have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.
As far as the memory goes.....I think I will go with the crucial you've recommended.
I'm having a problem nailing down a MOBO because of my requirements. Since I will need to connect 9 sata drives as well as 2 DVD drives its complicating things. I prefer the HD's to connect directly to the sata slots on the MOBO and have the DVD drives connected to the PCI slots or something.
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March 5, 2010 4:10:19 AM

^ My bad that I dint notice the HDDs...
Stick with that CASE...Another option...
NZXT Whisper...

PSU options...
These have 9 and 8 SATA power cables respectively...And both are of very good quality...

And seeing the amount you are spending, I feel you can check out the i7 920/ i7 930...they offer more memory bandwidth as the memory run at Tri-Channel...And the mobo just about $20 more than that EVO you had earlier chosen, offers more features such as 8 SATA 3GB/s and 2 6GB/s connectors(total 10)...


but if this goes over budget, then stick with the 860...
March 5, 2010 11:29:31 AM

I just spent a long time answering your question until I realized you have already posted this, but worded it differently.

I really don't know why you did that.
March 5, 2010 4:33:25 PM

photonboy: Please excuse the dual posting, but it was suggested that I followed a particular format in order to get more detailed information on picking the parts. The info you've provided help me narrow down the video card I need, as well as getting close to a good CPU/MOBO combination. Your posting was definitely not a waste of time at all, if anything you and others have helped me avoid wasting money on less quality parts or things I dont need.Trust me when I say that your advice wasnt taken lightly as it pointed out some errors in my train of thought on what I needed to purchase.

gkay09: I was almost absolute about getting the Antec 1200 until I saw the NZXT Whisper!!! That is seriously a kick-ass tower.....holding 9 HD's at the bottom, then possibly adding another 8 up top using 2 cooler master 4-in-3 devices for a total of 17 HD's!!! After combing through the reviews it seems there might be an issue with cooling in the top compartment, but it looks like the complaints are coming from guys that are trying to use the tower as a gaming case. Since I wont be putting in dual GPU's and other such gaming hardware I hope to avoid this issue. So I've found a case that will suit me for a very long time. Thanx for the info.....NZXT Whisper here I come!!
March 6, 2010 9:51:59 AM

^ Yes that is the issue that will crop up if you use high powered cards...but I see that it is not going to be the case with you...And also that case has foam padding, that might help cut down noise from the HDDs...
Good Luck with your build...

And as for posting double, you can edit your post so that you can maintain all your queries in a single thread...