Asus P7P55D-E LX

I put in the disk that came with my motherboard and it installed Turbo V, Turbo Key, and a couple other things as well. I have no idea what these are or how to use these programs. Anyone mind giving me a good description and whether I should uninstall them, leave them, use them, any help will be wonderful.

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  1. Depends on what you're planning to do with the rig.....
    Do you OC? Are eco friendly? are you into changing the different settings of the processor, ram , multipliers etc etc?
    If the Answer to all the above is yes, then, these utilities let you change stuff that is needed to touch high processors and ram speeds, inclusive of currents and other little timings....
    If you don't usually fool around with such specification, then I'd best just Uninstall them so as to avoid a big time mess up... :)

    And if you need more info on these utilities, you'll have to download the Asus User manual if it didn't come with the Board to go thru each and everyone of the utilities settings and capabilities....
  2. ^+1

    Those apps are used mostly (like alyoshka mentioned) to OC, tune, and mess with your system's settings for various reasons (benchmarking, OC'ing, boredom :lol: )

    Unless you want to (or know how) to mess with these settings best deal to uninstall the - better safe than sorry mate! :)
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