Mainboard not powering up when frontside USB is installed

Hi, I just built a new system with an Antec 900 Two case and a Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR motherboard. When I installed the Front side USB connectors, the system won't power up.
I checked the pins for both Case and Main board and everything is as it should be(according to the manuals)
Here are the manuals I referenced: (Page 8 on the reader) (Page 29 on the reader)

The system runs perfectly fine when the Frontside connectors are removed.
What have I missed?
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  1. It's definitely not the motherboard. I just ripped out a Frontside connectors from my old Pentium 4 and hooked it in, booted it up and shoved in a USB drive.
    Everything worked fine.
    I think it might be that the pins on the opposite end of the the cable on the case are not hooked up correctly, though it may be a little difficult getting to them without doing damage to the case. I will update.
  2. Nevermind, I hooked up the Antec USB to the Pentium 4, it booted but the USB ports had no power. I tried correcting it but I got as far as the connectors themselves and found there was no way I could go any further without voiding the warranty.
    I think I will just get the frontside connectors replaced.
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