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I built whole new system with the mind set of building to get 3 monitors so I could run some VMware and other such applications with 3 monitor so I could game on a nice Pc and also work on a linux VM. I bought a XFX ATI Radion 5770 thinking I would be able to run eyefinity as well as just run an extended desktop with 3 monitors. Well I FAILED on my research, I cant without an active DP to DVI adapter as many people mentioned before.

Then I was thinking, well guess I gotta by a adapter, 100 bones on average. but a whole other card is about 160 if I find it at a decent price.

So my question is can I currently, or when CCC 10.3 gets released can I CFX another 5770 and then use that card with my third card for the eyefinity setup without an adapter?
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  1. No you'll always need an adapter because it has to do with hardware rather than a driver update won't "fix it" (because thats how its meant to be)
  2. You can use a Displayport to VGA adapter.
  3. Wouldnt a VGA at 1080p be like trying to run a model T at 200mph?

    I own this DP to VGA adapter and it works for only $25 + shipping.

    Regarding your metaphor, no it wont.
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    Generelspaz - when running crossfire, the output ports on the second card are not available for display - everything is sent out the connectors on the first card. It was a good idea, but it doesnt work that way.

    I did use a VGA adapter to run Eyefinity at one point and under Windows 7 it gets detected as an analog monitor. No big deal really....
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